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Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

When people think of life insurance they tend to think of the process of getting an exam and waiting and waiting for the insurance company to tell them whether they get coverage or get coverage at a good rate.  There are other options called no medical exam life insurance policies that can meet your life insurance needs and make sure you are not rejected or you can get the policy much faster.  If you have done the research and know this is the right policy for you, or if you need to speak with someone to get a better understand, use the from on this page.  If you are more of a self research person keep reading as we look at why no medical life insurance might be right for you.

What are the types of no medical exam life insurance?

There are three types of life insurance no medical exam.   Each one is useful to a different group of people.  The three kinds of life insurance without a medical exam are:

  • Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance – Frequently called guaranteed issue, this type of life insurance not only has no exam it also has no medical questions.  The payout on these policies is pretty low because of the amount of risk the life insurance company is taking.  This is also the most expensive form of no medical exam life insurance, but is good for someone who could not get approved for any type of standard life insurance policy.  Learn more about guaranteed issue life insurance HERE.
  • Graded Benefit Life insurance – This type of no exam policy has a few health questions so it is slightly more complicated than the guaranteed issue.  However, the process is still very quick and the face values of the polices are much higher.  Also, with this type of life insurance no medical exam, the premiums tend to be a bit lower.
  • Simplified Issue Life Insurance – This type of policy has the most questions and goes through full underwriting.  There is still no exam but the extensive questionnaire allows you to get much larger face values and much lower premiums than the other two.  If you are not going to get a standard life insurance policy then this type of policy will provide the greatest protection for your family.

Which policy is right for me?

The answer to this question really depends on your personal situation.  If you are in poor health then a guaranteed issue policy may be the right move, while a person in good health but wanting quick coverage should go with simplified issue life insurance policy.  The best way to know which is best for your needs is to talk with one of our specialists who will ask all the right questions to get you in the best policy.

How do I get the best rates for life insurance?

The absolute best way to get the best rates on no exam life insurance is to work with an independent agent who specializes in no exam policies.  The reason is that each company has different type of life insurance that they specialize in.  An experienced agent will not only match you up with the right type of life insurance, but also with the right company.

At we specialize in life insurance with no exam policies and work with over 60 life insurance companies.  You can be sure that when we match you up with a policy that you will be getting the best policy for your needs at the best possible rates.  Go ahead and fill out the form on the side of this page to get started.

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